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Core Values

Kamaile’s Core Values


The values of Kamaile Academy serve as the foundation for everything we do at our school. Rooted in traditional Hawaiian ideas, these values resonate just as well to universal 21st century learning goals. As our school grows and expands, so does our understanding of these values and how they define the education we provide.


  • Aloha - Love
  • `Ohana - Family
  • Ho`ihi - Respect
  • Ha‘aheo- Pride
  • Laulima- Cooperation
  • Kuleana- Privilege/Responsibility
  • Imi ‘Ike- To seek knowledge
  • Olakino Maika‘i- To live healthy
  • Na‘auao - To nurture a deep sense of justice



These core values represent the guiding values of the vision that have been in place since the school’s adoption of its charter.  Aloha and `Ohana are the foundation of who we are. Ha‘aheo guides our staff and students to take pride in everything that is done at our school, from every class project to keeping our campus beautiful. Laulima instills in everyone a sense that the only way to move forward is to move together—students, teachers, staff, family, and community. Ho‘ihi drives the notion that everything we do must be done out of a sense of respect to not only every person on campus, but to all those that have come before, all those that will come after, everyone in our community, and the land and ocean that sustain us. Finally, we stress that upholding these values and moving our school forward is the kuleana of each and every one of us at Kamaile Academy.


In developing our secondary school, the faculty saw an opportunity to push the development of values in our students even further. Our partnership with the Polynesian Voyaging Society (PVS) allowed us to merge our values with those of this organization, a group which embodies the spirit of navigation we seek to instill in our students. Pride and cooperation carry over from the younger grades of Kamaile Academy, but in the upper levels both carry with them an expectation to put in the extra effort and collaboration demanded by our project-based and performance-assessment curriculum. The value of ‘imi ‘ike (to seek knowledge), adopted from PVS, supports our drive for self-directed and self-aware learners along the skill of analyzing information. The second value shared with PVS, olakino maika‘i (to live healthy), aligns with the school’s focus on the whole child and, from an academic perspective, promotes the critical skill of reflection. Na‘au pono (to nurture a deep sense of justice), the final value inspired by those of PVS, aligns with our mission of embracing challenges and connecting to our community, while also pushing our students in the academic sense of inquiry and critical thinking.