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Kamaile School History


Kamaile was a little known Hawaiian settlement on the Wai`anae Coast that once was boasted as being an integral component of the Wai`anae Ahupua'a complex. Before the coming of Westernization, four extensive taro terrace sections were watered by Kiko`o Springs at Kamaile. This blessing of precious water in an arid region helped to sustain a highly developed community with a large population only second to Wai`anae Kai.


The significance of Kamaile`s history was that the entire complex, consisting of Kamaile Heiau- Kaneikapualena and Kuka`au`au Cave, a habitation complex, and Kiko`o Springs had an enormous research and interpretive potential. These prehistoric archaeological sites were important links to our understanding of the ancient Hawaiian religion, philosophy, and social practices and beliefs.


The water was the source of life for Kamaile. The name of this unusual spring was Kiko'o. Being from an underground origin, Kiko'o was one of the few year-round water sources on the Wai`anae Coast. Throughout prehistoric and modern history, Kiko`o Springs played a major factor in the life and development of Wai`anae. What remains of Kiko'o today is a short running spring that quickly vanishes into the ground from where it came.


Kamaile was the most appropriate name of the school dedicated in 1989, as the land was the source of life for early residents. Once again the life source will flow, as the school will serve as a source of knowledge for the young minds of today and of the future.


Today Kamaile Academy is the largest conversion charter school in the state of Hawaii. In 2007, the school community came together to commit to positive change for our children. In efforts provide our children with more opportunity, the once DOE Kamaile Elementary converted to a charter school and became Kamaile Academy. By converting to a charter school the parents, teachers and school leaders now have the flexibility and autonomy to make educational decisions that will maximize student learning and wellness. The Academy is committed to providing all our students the resources and support to go to college. In order to attain these high expectations Kamaile Academy has been expanding to include an early childhood center, middle school and high school. This village school model creates a comprehensive learning community that provides support to both students and families. Kamaile Academy is proud to announce that we graduated our first high school class in the year 2014.