About ELL

Aloha, Ran Annim, Talofa, and Yokwe! 

Thanks for stopping by the English Language Learner (ELL) Department’s page.


About our students: 

Kamaile Academy holds the highest number of ELL students than any other charter school in the entire state! Most of our students hail from Chuuk and Marshall Islands, however, we have many others who are Samoan, Tongan, Thai, Phillipino, Swedish, Pohnpeian, Kosraean, Fijian, and Japanese. Others are haumāna who previously attended Hawaiian Immersion schools prior to Kamaile Academy and need support with academic language in their classrooms. We love and value each and every one of our students!

What we do: 

We provide a variety of different services to students based on their needs. Students who are new to the English Language receive intensive English Language instruction. Those who possess mid-level English receive support in content-based academic language. What does that mean? Well, think back to that time in high school when you had to take two years of a foreign language. You probably still remember some of it to this day. Now imagine I asked you to fully explain the process of photosynthesis in that language. Would you be able to do it? Probably not because you don’t know the words for all those fancy science terms, and neither do our ELL students. The mid-level students learn these content-area languages for English language arts, math, science, and social studies.  


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