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Graduate Profile

The Graduate Profile establishes our school community’s vision of the foundations of our PreK-12 educational program. This document was largely modeled off of the Graduate Profile used by Envision Schools that has guided them for more than a decade in sending 98% of their graduates to college and keeping 91% of those students enrolled in college. While their model was greatly admired, our school leaders wanted to honor the special culture of our community in making a Graduate Profile that more fully represented our students of Kamaile.

During the summer of 2012, the Navigators’ Center led an initiative to revisit the core values of the school and explore how these values could play a primary role in driving the education students receive at Kamaile. The Center organized and facilitated focus groups with students, family members, school leadership, faculty, and community partners to draft and adopt a Graduate Profile that defines the expectations of all students who seek to earn a high school diploma from Kamaile Academy. Throughout this process, it was clear that the core values would be a foundation to drive all of our efforts at Kamaile, from day-to-day instruction in the classroom to annual program planning in the Navigators’ Center.