Welcome Back from Fall Break - All haumāna return on Monday, October 14th.  Please return Federal Survey Cards and parent-teacher conference scheduling form.  Parent-Teacher Conferences are the week of October 21st.

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Attendance Policy

Attendance Policy


Attending school regularly directly impacts children’s learning. Consistency in school attendance is conducive to academic and personal success.  School attendance as cited under Hawaii Revised Statute (HRS) 302A-1132L describes the law and how frequent absences may be subject to a Family Court Petition or summoned to Family Court.


An excused absence is identified as an absence that has written or verbal verification by a parent or guardian. This information needs to be shared with the teacher and/or attendance clerk.  After three days of absence, in order for the absence to be excused, the student needs to provide a physician’s note.   

Parents are encouraged to contact the grade level counselor to address special circumstances.

A notice(s) will be sent home in increments of 5 unexcused absences from Kamaile Academy attendance clerk notifying the parent(s) and/or guardian(s) of the unexcused absences the student has accrued as well as expectations. Interventions will include: phone contacts, series of written notices, counseling, parent conferences with; counselors, school social worker, teacher and other support staff to support the student and parents. By the third written notice, possible Family Court process may begin to address education neglect or truancy.